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How to Watch Sling TV Outside USA Easily in November 2022

Is Sling TV available Outside USA? No, Sling TV is not available outside USA. However, with a premium VPN, you don’t need to be in USA to stream Sling TV.
sling tv outside usa

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We will bring you the easiest hack that will help you access Sling TV anywhere outside the US. Go through this blog & you will have a clear picture of how to watch Sling TV outside USA.

How to Watch Sling TV Outside USA 2022

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and install its application.
  2. Log in and connect with a US server.
  3. Download Sling TV App and stream all your favorites.

Why do you need a VPN to access Sling TV outside USA?

If you attempt to open Sling TV outside USA, the following message will pop up on your screen;

We’re Sorry. Sling TV is only available inside the US. Thank you for your interest.

Sling Tv Geo Restriction Error

This is because Sling TV is geo-restricted. In addition, its partners are various channels that hold its media library because of copyright issues.

So, is Sling TV region-locked? Yes, hence honoring their policies. Sling TV cannot allow users to stream its content outside the US. Now, it may seem unnecessary to you, but Sling TV cannot do anything but follow this restriction. Then, how to get Sling TV outside USA?

Just because Sling TV has a strict policy, it doesn’t mean you have to play by the rules. Hence, you need a VPN because it is the only way to get rid of this message. Plus, it is simple too.

But, how does a VPN unblock Sling TV? A premium VPN can disguise the IP address of any country and change it to your chosen location. In this case, connecting to a US server would be your best bet.

While Sling TV has an efficient IP tracking system, the VPN is a stronger opponent. It breaks down the firewalls and gets you through the site within seconds. Hence, your way into Sling TV will be crystal clear, and the whole library will be at your service!

Editors’ Choice VPN to Unblock Sling TV Outside USA [Brief Guide 2022]

  1. ExpressVPN — If you want the fastest speed with some Reliable servers, don’t go anywhere. Just buy ExpressVPN because it offers 3000+ most secured servers in 94 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, with user-friendly apps and high-end encryption, ultimate bandwidth with industry-leading features like 5 simultaneous connections on different devices, Smart DNS that is MediaStreamer, you can get all of this in $6.67/month for its Yearly Package with Money-back guarantee.
  2. Surfshark — Are you tight on budget but can’t stop binge-watching your favorite shows? Here is your wallet-friendly option right in front of you! Surfshark has the most reliable and affordable 3200+ servers in 65+ countries. All you have to do is just pay $2.49/month for its 2-year Package. In addition, it has some amazing features like unlimited device connections, 24/7 customer support, Smart DNS, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and also 7-day Free trial.
  3. NordVPN — Are you looking for a reliable but affordable VPN for streaming? Look no further for reliability and get your device connected with NordVPN. What we love about NordVPN offers 5643+ highly optimized servers in 59 countries with 6 simultaneous connections on different devices, 24/7 incredible customer support, and smart DNS. You can get all these features for in $3.29/month and save 60% on its 2-year plan with a proper money-back guarantee.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is an American streaming service that launched in the year 2015. It is the first real live TV service as an alternative to cable.

So, anyone who is incredibly annoyed by their cable services can cut the cord and subscribe to Sling TV. But is Sling TV a good option?

Yes, for people who want to stream TV live, they would not find a better deal than the buffet of Sling TV! With its customizable subscription, you get to choose the content that will be gracing your screen.

After the basic plan costs $35, you can only add the channels you want to watch. So, instead of paying a huge price, you merely have to endure the charges for the parts you wish to stream. But does Sling TV work outside the US? No, sadly it does not. However, you can use a VPN to bypass this barrier.

Key Takeaway: Can I get Sling international only? Yes. If you want to stream international shows on Sling TV, you can access them via

What content is on Sling TV?

Sling TV sounds all good and charming for people who want to cut the cord. But what is in the subscription? Is it worth my time and money? What is included in Sling TV that I can look forward to watching?

For starters, the streaming site covers all the live channels found on cable services. Apart from that golden package, you can stream international shows, on-demand movies, live sports, and top-rated TV series.

All in all, your binge-watching craving will be satisfied.

Key Takeaway: Can you add individual channels to sling TV? Yes, the application has groups of channels called extras which are divided into different genres. You can buy these add-ons and watch your favorite category of content!

3 Top Rated VPNs to Watch Sling TV outside USA in 2022

What is the best VPN for Sling TV outside USA? Hunting for the best VPN to watch Sling TV was quite hard. There were hundreds of choices, and all claimed to be the best. Hence, we had to put them all on trial.

At last, we managed to shorten the list to 3 top-ranked performers after thorough testing. So here is what we came up with!

ExpressVPN — Best VPN to Watch Sling TV outside USA

ExpressVPN is a service that is trusted by millions which will provide you secure access to blocked sites worldwide while strongly protecting your data, it has extremely fast and optimized servers in the US, UK, and everywhere around the world.

ExpressVPN is an award-winning VPN service with incredible features like AES-256 encryption, Split Tunneling, Zero Log Policy, and SmartDNS facility known as Media Streamer, lightning-fast speed, and data encryption to get all these amazing features. You need to pay $6.67/month. Also, you can avail 3 extra months free and a 30-day money-back guarantee!

  • Fastest VPN for bufferless streaming.
  • 5 devices on a single subscription.
  • 3000+ global servers, including 23+ US servers.
  • Priced at $12.95/month.
  • Save 49% on a 1-year plan, 6.67$/month, and 3 months free!
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • 3000+ Servers Internationally.
  • Split Tunneling and Kill Switch.
  • Robust 256-bit Encryption.
  • MediaStreamer and SmartDNS.
  • 5 Multi logins.
  • Lightway Protocol.
  • Strict No-Log Policy.
  • Userfriendly Mobile Apps.
  • Jurisdiction: British Virgin Island.
  • Not in 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes alliances.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Expensive in Price.
  • Slow speeds with OpenVPN Protocol.

Surfshark — Affordable VPN to Access Sling TV outside USA

Surfshark is the most economical and competitive VPN service. It has the largest server network with almost 3200+ servers in 65+ countries Surfshark is compatible with all useful devices like iOS, Roku, Android, Linux, Routers, Apple TV, macOS, Xbox, Chromecast, Wi-Fi Routers, and gaming consoles.

Moreover, it will allow you these extraordinary features like AES-256 encryption, Split-Tunneling, Reverse Bypasser, KillSwitch, Override GPS location, Auto-connect, Static Servers, and Auto-connect. You just need to pay $2.49 per month. Moreover, you can save 83% for its 2-year plan.

  • Pocket-Friendly VPN.
  • Unlimited users on a single subscription.
  • 3200+ global servers and 20+ US servers.
  • Priced at $12.95/month.
  • Save 81% on a 2-year plan, 2.49$/month, and 2 months free!
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Safe and Secure Connection
  • Budget-friendly
  • Unblock many different streaming sites.
  • Mask your IP.
  • 6 Simultaneous connections on different devices.
  • Unlimited Device Connections
  • Incredible WireGuard protocol performance
  • SmartDNS
  • Jurisdiction: Netherlands.
  • Compatible with many devices.
  • 7-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Apps for Apple product is not very stable.
  • Low speed in comparison to other VPN services.

NordVPN — Reliable VPN to Stream Sling TV outside USA

NordVPN is the most reputable and easy-to-use VPN service and has an immense server network with almost 5643+ highly optimized servers in 59 countries, including the US, UK, and Australia. NordVPN will work on almost all the devices like iOS, Roku, Android, Linux, Routers, Apple TV, macOS, Xbox, Chromecast, Wi-Fi Routers, and gaming consoles.

In addition, NordVPN has some amazing features like Meshnet (This feature will allow you to connect to another device from anywhere securely), Threat Protection, Strict No-Logs Policy, 6 simultaneous connections on different devices, multi-Factor authentication, Split tunneling support, Browser Extension, No Data leaks. You can buy NordVPN for $3.29/month and save 60% on its 2-year plan to avail all these features.

  • Safe VPN for streaming restricted content.
  • 6 users on a single subscription.
  • 5200+ global servers, including 1970+ US servers.
  • Priced at $11.99/month.
  • Save 39% on a 1-year Plan OR 55% on a 2-year Plan.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Provides Malware Protection.
  • Dark Web Monitor.
  • AES-256 encryption.
  • Mask your IP.
  • 6 Simultaneous connections on different devices.
  • Private DNS.
  • Worldwide VPN Servers.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Jurisdiction: Panama.
  • 24/7 Great customer support.


  • Inconsistent Speed and Server connection.
  • No Application for Routers.

Can I Watch Sling TV in the US with a Free VPN?

Can you watch Sling TV outside USA via a free VPN? No. We do not recommend free VPNs to our readers because of the huge risks to its users.

Let us first ask you a question. Haven’t you ever wondered, are free VPNs safe? A product that is free, helping everyone out? That is because your privacy is the product. So, no, they are not safe to use!

You will get into the geo-restricted site a few times when you use a free VPN with sheer luck. But then, you will be instantly blocked.

Moreover, you might not have to pay Sling TV outside USA with the first few tries, but your privacy will be heavily compromised. Because they are known to steal your data, track your website activity, and sell your information to third parties.

Hence, we suggest using ExpressVPN or any other premium and reliable VPN.

Sling TV Price and Packages

Sling TV is a popular alternative to cable services and costs less too! Here is a small guide to tell you about the features that come after buying a Sling TV.

Sling Blue

  • Price: $35/month

Sling Blue offers a mix of entertainment and live updates worldwide in news programs. Plus, you can get 3 continuous connections and a free 50-hour DVR with the subscription.

Sling Orange

  • Price: $35/month

Sling Orange offers more sports and family-friendly shows. So, if you have a favorite team to cheer for or are hoping for a family movie marathon, this subscription would be your best bet. In contrast to Sling Blue, only one screen is allowed in this package.

Sling Orange & Blue

This bundle is a mix of both basic plans. The package includes everything from news, family-friendly movies, sports, and all the live-action updates you want playing on your screens. It costs $50 a month.

Sling Tv Packages

How to Pay for Sling TV Outside US (with PayPal)

Are you worried about how to pay for Sling TV outside the US? That’s the important part of your disguise because Sling TV does not accept international payments.

However, there is a way to turn things around. You can buy a gift card from your PayPal account. Follow these steps to know-how!

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN – We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to a server in the US.
  • Create a PayPal account.
  • Locate the PayPal US Gift Card Store.
  • Go to Categories > Arts & Entertainment > Sling TV Purchase a gift card.
  • Redeem the gift card through your email address.
  • Start watching right away!

Why is Sling Tv not available in your country?

Sling TV is geo-restricted. It is only available in the US, which is why it blocks any non-US resident from accessing the site. However, a premium VPN can play a magic trick and convince the site that you are a US resident. Thereby, your path to Sling TV will be crystal clear, and you can enjoy hours of streaming without anyone stopping you.

What Devices are Compatible with Sling TV?

This is a small guide on registering Sling TV outside USA on your respective device. Keep reading to know more.

Sling TV For Android Users

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download its application.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Connect with a US server.
  4. Install the Sling TV app.
  5. Sign up to create an account.
  6. You can now stream your favorites.

Sling TV For iOS (iPad and iPhone) Users

You need to follow these steps to set up Sling on Apple TV.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and install its application.
  2. Login and connect to any US server.
  3. Now download the Sling TV app from the Apple store.
  4. Create a free account.
  5. Start streaming Sling TV.

Sling TV For Smart TV Users

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Login and connect with its US server.
  3. Download the Sling TV application.
  4. You can now stream all the favorites.

Sling TV For Apple TV Users

Apple TV does not support VPN software. Then, how to sign up for Sling TV on Apple TV? Luckily, there is a detour you can take. You will have to install the MediaStreamer DNS to incorporate ExpressVPN. After doing that, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Apple App Store.
  2. Download Sling TV.
  3. Sign in and start streaming!

Sling TV For Kodi Users

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and get the software on your computer.
  2. With the help of a USB, transfer the VPN software to Kodi.
  3. Go to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Unknown Sources.
  4. Install ExpressVPN through the software.
  5. Log in to connect with a US server.
  6. Get the Sling TV add-on too.
  7. The library is yours to stream!

Sling TV For Amazon Fire Stick Users

  1. Open your Firestick device.
  2. Go to Apps > Categories > Utility.
  3. Search for ExpressVPN and click on the "Get" option.
  4. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  5. Log in to connect with the US server.
  6. Go to the Amazon App store and search for Sling TV.
  7. Click on "Get" to start the download.
  8. The media is now available.

Sling TV For Chromecast Users

  1. Download the Sling TV app.
  2. Set up your account with your credentials.
  3. Then, click on the Cast icon.
  4. Select your Chromecast device.
  5. You can now watch your content.

Sling TV For Roku Users

  1. Download the ExpressVPN setup on your PC.
  2. Transfer the setup to Roku.
  3. Go to the Roku Channel Store.
  4. Search for Sling TV and download it.
  5. In the channel list, open Sling TV.
  6. Start streaming the favorites on the platform.

Sling TV For Mac Users

  1. Subscribe & Download ExpressVPN.
  2. Set up the VPN.
  3. Approve the request to add a VPN to your device.
  4. Go to Safari.
  5. Search for Sling TV's website.
  6. Once there, sign up and set up your account.
  7. Start streaming.

Best Shows and Movies on Sling TV outside USA

Are you looking for Sling TV recommendations? Here are the best options out there to make you’re binge-watch worthwhile!

Best Shows on Sling TV

  • Two and a Half Men
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Foodies
  • Chowder
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Conan
  • Beach Hunters
  • Cold Case Files
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • Bones

Best Movies on Sling TV

  • The Prestige
  • Gifted
  • A Better Life
  • Belfast
  • Nightmare Alley
  • House of Gucci
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife
  • Dune

Sports Events to Watch on Sling TV

  • NFL
  • La Liga
  • Australian Open
  • UEFA Futsal EURO
  • NBA All-Star Game
  • ICC World Cup
  • Dakar Rally
  • Africa Cup of Nations

Sling TV Upcoming Content on November 2022

November 1

  • The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Presents: Jordan Klepper Fingers the Midterms - America Unfollows Democracy (Special) – Comedy Central
  • Below Deck Adventure – Bravo
  • Little People, Big World – TLC
  • I Am Shauna Rae – TLC
  • Mary McCartney Serves It Up – Discovery+

November 2

  • Inspired Interiors With Sarah Sherman Samuel – Magnolia
  • Upcycle Nation – Fuse

November 3

  • Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue – HGTV
  • Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman – History
  • Interrogation Raw – A&E
  • Hip Hop Homicides – WE TV
  • Kold X Windy – WE TV
  • Tut's Lost City Revealed (Special) – discovery+
  • The Suspect – Sundance Now

November 4

  • Lopez vs. Lopez – NBC*
  • Young Rock – NBC*
  • A Magical Christmas Village (Movie) – Hallmark
  • Secrets in the Family (Movie) – Lifetime Movie Network (LMN)
  • Satan's Slaves: Communion (Movie) – Shudder

November 5

  • Lights, Camera, Christmas! (Movie) – Hallmark
  • Merry Swissmas (Movie) – Lifetime
  • A Maple Valley Christmas (Movie) – Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (HMM)
  • A Royal Christmas on Ice (Movie) – Great American Family

November 6

  • All Saints Christmas (Movie) – Hallmark
  • Well Suited for Christmas (Movie) – Lifetime
  • Love at the Christmas Contest (Movie) – Great American Family
  • Christmas Cookie Challenge – Food
  • Holiday Wars – Hallmark
  • Family Karma – Bravo
  • Sleeping With Death – Oxygen True Crime
  • Dangerous Liasons – Starz
  • Spector – SHOWTIME
  • Mood – BBC America

November 7

  • Holiday Baking Championship – Food
  • Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown – Food
  • The Culpo Sisters – TLC
  • Inside the Heist – discovery+

November 8

  • Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown – Food

November 9

  • Moonshiners – Discovery
  • Master Distiller – Discovery
  • Diesel Brothers – Discovery
  • Pawn Stars Do America – History
  • Secret Restoration – History

November 10

  • Christmas on Lake Mistletoe (Movie) – Lifetime
  • Mysteries of the Abandoned: Hidden America – Discovery
  • Mandrake (Movie) – Shudder

November 11

  • In Merry Measure (Movie) – Hallmark
  • The Dog Days of Christmas (Movie) – Lifetime
  • A Christmas Open House (Movie) – discovery+
  • Designing Christmas (Movie) – discovery+
  • A Gingerbread Christmas (Movie) – discovery+
  • One Delicious Christmas (Movie) – discovery+
  • Mother's Deadly Son (Movie) – LMN
  • Gold Rush: White Water – Discovery
  • The Dirt – Discovery

November 12

  • The Royal Nanny (Movie) – Hallmark
  • Reindeer Games Homecoming (Movie) – Lifetime
  • A Merry Christmas Wish (Movie) – Great American Family
  • Our Italian Christmas Memories (Movie) – HMM

November 13

  • Yellowstone – Paramount
  • Christmas at the Golden Dragon (Movie) – Hallmark
  • Six Degrees of Santa (Movie) – Lifetime
  • My Best Friend's Christmas (Movie) – Great American Family
  • The Dog Games: World Pup 2022 (Special) – discovery+
  • MTV EMA's 2022 (Special) – MTV
  • Rogue Heroes – EPIX
  • Unearthed – Science

November 14

  • Celebrity IOU – HGTV
  • E! News – E!

November 15

  • Good Bones: Better Yard – HGTV
  • Neighborhood Wars – A&E
  • Customer Wars – A&E

November 16

  • Murder in the Heartland – Investgiation Discovery (ID)
  • Murder Under the Friday Night Lights – (ID)

November 17

  • Sweet Navidad (Movie) – Lifetime
  • Top Gear – BBC America
  • Gangs of London – AMC+

November 18

  • Inventing the Christmas Prince (Movie) – Hallmark
  • A Country Christmas Harmony (Movie) – Lifetime
  • She Inherited Dangers (Movie) – LMN
  • The Last Cowboy – CMT
  • Ziwe – SHOWTIME

November 19

  • Three Wise Men and a Baby (Movie) – Hallmark
  • Santa Bootcamp (Movie) – Lifetime
  • Christmas at Pine Valley (Movie) – Great American Family
  • Long Lost Christmas (Movie) – HMM
  • Life in Colour (Special) – BBC America
  • Vardy vs. Rooney: The Wagatha Trial (Special) – discovery+

November 20

  • When I Think of Christmas (Movie) – Hallmark
  • A Show-Stopping Christmas (Movie) – Lifetime
  • My Favorite Christmas Tree (Movie) – Great American Family
  • This Is Life with Lisa Ling – CNN
  • The L Word: Generation Q – SHOWTIME

November 21

  • Below Deck – Bravo
  • Kids Baking Championship: Gobble Goodies (Special) – Food

November 22

  • The Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters – History
  • Blood Relatives (Movie) – Shudder

November 24

  • My Southern Family Christmas (Movie) – Hallmark
  • Baking All The Way (Movie) – Lifetime

November 25

  • #Xmas (Movie) – Hallmark
  • A Royal Corgi Christmas (Movie) – Hallmark
  • Steppin' Into the Holiday (Movie) – Lifetime
  • Christmas at the Drive-In (Movie) – Great American Family
  • Fatal Family Reunion (Movie) – LMN
  • Destination Fear – Travel
  • How Do They Do It? – Science

November 26

  • A Tale of Two Christmases (Movie) – Hallmark
  • Haul Out the Holly (Movie) – Hallmark
  • The 12 Days of Christmas Eve (Movie) – Lifetime
  • I'm Glad It's Christmas (Movie) – Great American Family
  • Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas (Movie) – HMM
  • Faith Heist: A Christmas Caper (Movie) – Bounce

November 27

  • A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe (Movie) – Hallmark
  • A Holiday Spectacular (Movie) – Hallmark
  • A Christmas Spark (Movie) – Lifetime
  • Candace Cameron Bure Presents: A Christmas...Present (Movie) – Great American Family
  • Krapopolis – FOX*
  • Soul Train Awards (Special) – BET
  • Written in the Stars – discovery+

November 28

  • Kids Baking Championship: All-Star Holiday Homecoming (Special) – Food
  • Southern Hospitality – Bravo
  • Whistable Pearl – Acorn

November 29

  • Fixer to Fabulous – HGTV
  • The Story of Home – Magnolia

Why is My Sling TV not working with a VPN

Sling TV may not work for different reasons. Here are a few quick fixes to get you through the problems.

  • Check your internet connection. Restart your router to continue streaming.
  • Update the application to get rid of the bugs.
  • Clear the cache to avoid slow streaming.
  • Use a different VPN service if the issues keep coming up.

Key Takeaway: Can I watch Sling while traveling? Even if you are a paid subscriber of Sling TV, the website will block you outside the US. But you can use a VPN to access your paid subscription from anywhere.

FAQs on Sling TV Outside USA

Does Sling TV work internationally?

No, Sling TV is only available in the US. However, you can stream international shows on the platform. If you want to access it from a restricted region, you can get ExpressVPN to bypass this restriction.

How to Buy Sling TV Gift Cards Outside the USA?

You can buy a gift card from either Amazon or PayPal.

Will Sling TV Ban You for Using a VPN?

This is quite rare. However, if it does happen, it may be that Sling TV now recognizes the VPN you are using. You can use premium VPNs to escape such a situation.

Can I watch Sling TV on multiple devices at one time?

Yes. If you subscribe to Sling Blue, you can stream on 3 different devices simultaneously. However, Sling Orange does not offer the same privilege as only one simultaneous connection is allowed with its subscription.

Can you create a Sling TV Account outside the US?

Yes, you can create your Sling TV account outside the US with the help of a reliable VPN.

Can you bypass blackouts with a VPN on Sling TV?

Absolutely! The VPN has many servers that can connect you to any city. Use another city’s server, and you will bypass any blackout happening around your city.

My VPN Doesn’t Work With Sling TV – What Can I Do?

Check if your VPN is compatible with Sling TV. If it is, check the internet connection and restart the application.

How can you watch Sling TV outside USA?

You can stream Sling TV from anywhere in the world through a premium VPN.

Is It legal to watch Sling TV with VPN?

Yes, it is completely legal to use a VPN to stream Sling TV. However, checking your country’s laws and government regulations is better to avoid problems.

How do I change my location on Sling TV?

With the help of a VPN, you can connect to any US server and watch Sling TV from anywhere.

Is Hulu Better or Sling TV Better?

Hulu is a giant when it comes to streaming. It has a huge media library and various live TV channels for your ease. But, on the other hand, Sling TV is quite affordable and easy on a budget. So, it depends on what you need from a streaming platform.

Does Sling Require a Subscription?

Sling TV offers two subscription plans, Sling Orange and Sling Blue. They both have the same price with differences in features. You can search for them to see which one suits you the best.


ExpressVPN is your best bet to access Sling TV from anywhere in the world, and it is the simplest hack to get through geo-restricted sites.

So, that’s a roundup of watching Sling TV from anywhere. We hope everything is clear and your query about how to watch Sling TV outside USA is answered. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via the comment section.

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