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Is Disney Plus available in Romania? Unfortunately, No, Disney Plus is not available in Romania but you can watch Disney Plus in Romania if you use a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

Here is everything you need to know when using a VPN to access Disney Plus in Romania.

 How to Watch Disney Plus in Romania

3 Easy Steps in 2022

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and set up your account.
  2. Log in and connect with a US servers.
  3. Install the Disney Plus App to start streaming your favorite shows.

$6.67/mo for 1-Year + 3-Months

Why Disney Plus is Blocked in Romania?

Everyone wants the answer to the big question: Why is Disney Plus not available in Romania?

We all grew up watching Disney. So, Disney Plus debuting all original and unlimited classic and new titles excited everyone.

How come it isn’t available to watch in Romania? Because it is Geo-restricted due to their license agreement.

While Disney is spreading its streaming channel reach slowly, we don’t exactly know how long until it crosses out Romania from its blocked list. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fabulous magical content available. Just subscribe to a discounted Premium VPN like ExpressVPN and get binging!

3 Best VPNs to watch Disney Plus in Romania 2022

After trying and testing multiple VPNs, we have combined this list of the easiest and most user-friendly VPNs to watch Disney Plus in Romania.

  1. ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN choice of all! Along with buffer-free streaming, you can easily access 3000+ servers from 94 countries, including 20+ US servers. It offers a special discount on a yearly subscription. Hence it will charge $6.67 per month, which will also get you 3 extra free months on a yearly subscription.
  2. Surfshark: Is a low-cost VPN amongst all. You can gain access to 20+ US servers along with 3200+ servers globally. On its 2-year plan, you can get a huge discount to pay the lowest price at $2.30 per month. Plus, you get 2 months free!
  3. NordVPN: This is a secure and reliable VPN. You can gain access to 5000+ global servers and 1970+ US servers with ease. It offers 70% off on its 2-year plan, lowering the price to $3.49 per month.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Get Disney Plus in Romania?

Disney Plus is geo-blocked in Romania. This is due to their license agreement that they are bound to air it in only specific regions. If you try to access Disney plus it will deny you entry from within Romina.

Disney Plus Not Available
Error: Disney+ is not available

To start watching Disney Plus you would need to conceal your foreign IP address with the help of ExpressVPN. This will trick the system into thinking that you are accessing from within America. You can now successfully watch Disney Plus from Romania.

Top VPNs to Watch Disney Plus in Romania [Detailed Analysis – 2022]

Not all VPN services can bypass restricted sites, so we have checked these top 3 VPN services that will help you to access Disney Plus in Romania.

Can I Use a Free VPN to access Disney Plus in Romania?

Yes of course you can use a free Vpn to access Disney plus from Romania, but Are you willing to accept the cons it comes with?

We absolutely don’t recommend that you use a free VPN. They are traceable and are not safe at all. In fact, free VPNs are a major reason people become victims of cybercrimes.

A free VPN keeps logs on your activity and follows your personal activity without your consent. You wouldn’t even know, and now your personal data like the security number of your credit cards and passwords are leaked.

Why take risks with your privacy?

Therefore, if you want to enjoy seamless streaming, use a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

Disney Plus in Romania Sign Up Process (Easy Steps)

The simplest way to sign up for Disney Plus in Romania is:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a server in the US.
  3. Log on to the Disney plus website and sign up.
  4. Pay through your credit card after putting in your details.
  5. Start binging.

How much Does Disney Plus in Romania cost?

Disney Plus has different packages for its customers:

  • Monthly Subscription at $8.
  • Yearly Subscription at $80

You can get a 16% discount if you choose the yearly subscription.

How to get Disney Plus in Romania? Here are Alternative Ways

Since Romania is geo-locked by Disney plus Here are some run-around you can try to watch Disney plus and enjoy binging it.

Option 1: Smart DNS – Fast Disney Plus content streaming

Smart DNS is a way you can overpass the location-locking of Disney plus in Romania. When you use a smart DNS they replace your DNS address with a particular one from the location, thus tricking the website into thinking that you have access from an approved location.

Option 2: Virtual Private Network – Provides online privacy

VPNs are the quickest and most user-friendly way to access Disney plus in Romania. They conceal your IP address and thus trick the security system into thinking you are trying to access it from within Romania.

Option 3: Browser Extension – Often blocked by Disney Plus

Proxy or web extensions are another way you can access Disney plus in Romania. These are free google extensions you can use to gain access however, luck runs thin as mostly these are locked by Disney plus.

Errors facing while on Disney Plus in Romania? (Quick fixes)

These quick troubleshooting tips might resolve your issues:

  1. Check your internet connection and speed. The traffic on your router may be causing the issue.
  2. Restart the application. Log out and launch the app again to force restart the app.
  3. Clear cache and cookies. Cookies can fill up your website data, causing an interruption in your site browsing.

The Disney Plus website is waiting for an upgrade.

How to Change Language on Disney Plus Show or Movie Settings

  1. Open Disney plus App.
  2. Click on “my profile.”
  3. Select “edit profile”.
  4. Click the “pencil icon” on your profile picture.
  5. From the drop-down menu select App language.
  6. Choose the language.
  7. Click save and relaunch.

Is Disney Plus Available in the Romanian Language?

yes, Disney plus is available in Romania with subtitles and language, in fact, Disney Plus is available in 16 different languages.

How to Download the Disney Plus in Romania?

Disney Plus is a streaming giant with unlimited titles to watch. The best thing about this is you can stream it on all common streaming devices.

 If you want to start watching Disney Plus in Romania by using ExpressVPN, just follow these steps and configure your device accordingly. 

Disney Plus For Android Users

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and set up your account.
2. Log in to connect with a US server.
3. Download the Disney Plus app from Play Store.
4. Create a new account and pick your region as the US.
5. Start streaming right away.

Disney Plus For iOS Users

1. Install the ExpressVPN app and log in with your credentials.
2. Connect to any US server.
3. Now download the Disney Plus app from the Apple store.
4. Create a new account and choose the US as the region.
5. Log in to watch Disney Plus in Romania.

Disney Plus For Gaming Console users:

1. Open your console.
2. Download ExpressVPN and connect with the US server.
3. Find TV/Video Services on the device.
4. Search for Disney Plus.
5. Click on “Get.”
6. Download Disney Plus.
7. It will be added to your channels list.
8. You can stream it any time you like!

Disney Plus For Xbox Users

1. Download and install the VPN app.
2. Login and connect with a US server.
3. Select “My games & apps.”From the Xbox menu.
4. Then look for “Disney Plus” in the “Xbox Store.”
5. That’s it! Click the “Install” button.

Disney Plus For Kodi Users

1. Open Kodi on your device.
2. Go to Settings by clicking on the “gear” icon in the top-left corner.
3. Go to File Manager and double-click on Add source.
4. Click on <None> and enter this URL:
5. Enter a name like “SlyGuy” for this file, then click on OK to confirm.
6. Now, return to Settings, and go to Add-ons.
7. Click on Install from zip file and select the zip file you have downloaded. Wait for the installation to finish.
8. Return to Add-ons page, now click on Install from repository.
9. Navigate to SlyGuy Repository > Video add-ons. Select Disney+ from the list, then click on Install.
10. From Kodi’s home screen, go to Add-ons and launch Disney+. Make sure that you are connected to VPN before doing it.
11. Log in using your Disney+ username and password.

You can now stream Disney+ on Kodi!

Disney Plus For Firestick Users

1. Set up your Firestick device.
2. Go to “Unknown Sources.”
3. Download and subscribe to ExpressVPN.
4. Search for Disney Plus and click on the “Get” option.
5. Start streaming right away.

Disney Plus For Apple TV Users

1. First, select a VPN service that allows you to use Smart DNS. We recommend ExpressVPN.
2. Look for your Smart DNS addresses, then Apple TV’s Settings > menu > select Network.
3. Press the Wi-Fi button to select your Network.
4. Visit the DNS Configuration and select the Manual Configuration.
5. Restart your Apple TV and Connect your Apple TV to US server by typing in your DNS address.
6. Download and install the Disney Plus app and start its streaming.

Disney Plus For Smart TV Users

1. Download ExpressVPN.
2. Login and connect with a US server.
3. Install the Disney Plus app to stream your favorite US content.

Disney Plus For PC Users

1. First, subscribe to a premium VPN. We highly recommend ExpressVPN.
2. Connect to a server in US.
3. Visit the Disney Plus website, sign up for an account, or log in.
4. If you are still unable to watch Channel 9, remove your cookies and cache before logging back in.

What Can I watch on Disney Plus in Romania?

You can watch all these shows and movies on Disney Plus in Romania:

Best Shows

  • Daredevil 
  • Mandalorian
  • The Simpsons
  • Light and magic
  • Glee
  • The Beatles: get back
  • Once upon a time 

Best Movies

  • Lightyear
  • Free guy
  • The rescue
  • Groot takes a bath
  • The greatest showman 
  • Thor 
  • Turning red

In Which Other Regions Does Disney Plus in Romania?

You can watch Disney Plus only in some countries, but if you subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and then you can watch it in all these countries:

  • Disney Plus in Germany
  • Disney Plus in Hong Kong
  • Disney Plus in South Africa
  • Disney Plus in Malaysia
  • Disney Plus Singapore
  • Disney Plus in South Africa

FAQs on Disney Plus in Romania

How to get Disney Plus in Romania?

1. You can get Disney plus in Romania by using ExpressVPN.
2. Connecting to a server in the US.
3. Then download the app on your desired device.

Is Disney Plus Region-wise Locked?

Yes! Disney Plus is locked in several regions, however, they are expanding regions slowly, for now, you can enjoy it through ExpressVPN.

Does Disney Plus have Romanian subtitles?

Yes. Disney Plus has Romanian subtitles and you can change them from ‘my profile setting’.

Are there any Disney Plus gift cards?

Yes! Disney Plus has gift cards you can use to subscribe to Disney plus outside of the US.

When will Disney Plus launch in Romania?

As of now, we aren’t sure when Disney plus will launch in Romania, but you can watch Disney plus in Romania by using a VPN.

Does Disney Plus Works in Romania?

No, Disney Plus does not works in Romania but you can still watch Hulu in Romania with the help of a premium VPN. Our recommendation is ExpressVPN.


That’s about it. We sure hope we have resolved your query about How to watch Disney plus in Romania? So, If you want to enjoy the most magical time, download and log in to the ExpressVPN app and start streaming Disney Plus outside of the USA. 


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