Can you access Hulu on Android? Yes, you can! But suppose you are confused regarding how to watch Hulu on Android. In that case, you will be glad to know that we have suggested the most reliable VPN, through which you can watch Hulu from anywhere in the world.

Now, you can watch Hulu on Android. Just Follow our precise and comprehensive step-by-step guide to accessing Hulu on Android from anywhere.

How to Watch Hulu on Android

3 Simple Steps in 2022

Let us guide you through the steps for installing Hulu on Android devices:

  1. Subscribe to premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Login and connect with a US server.
  3. Visit the Hulu App/website & start streaming right away.

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How to Watch Hulu on Android in a Geo-Blocked Location? 

Read the below steps to get a clear picture of how you can watch Hulu on Android in a geo-blocked location:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN on your device and log in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to a “US” server from the servers list.
  4. Search for the “Hulu” application and download it.
  5. Log in to the Hulu app and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Hulu on Android in Geo-Blocked Regions?

Hulu is, without a doubt, a popular streaming service that offers thousands of TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, however, it is only available in the United States. Unfortunately, this means that if you’re outside of the US, you won’t be able to access Hulu’s content. So here comes the need for a VPN!

A VPN will allow you to change your IP address to one located in the US, giving you access to Hulu. Additionally, a VPN will encrypt your traffic, which will protect your privacy while streaming.

Tested VPN to Watch Hulu on Android [Quick Overview]

We have mentioned the steps to watch Hulu on Android, but suppose you are somewhere where Hulu is geo-blocked, then what? Don’t worry! Below we have recommended some of the best VPN options so you can unblock geo-restrictions on Hulu from anywhere.

  1. ExpressVPN: This is the most robust and the fastest VPN for seamless streaming. Easily gain access to 3000+ servers from 94 countries, including 20+ location servers in the US. Its one-year plan also comes with a big discount where the price goes down to $6.67/month instead of $12.95/month. Also, you get 3 extra months free and a 30-day money-back guarantee!
  2. Surfshark:  It is the most cost-effective VPN. You can access 3200+ servers globally, including 20+ location servers in the US, without hassle. Furthermore, a special discount is present on its 2-year plan, which decreases the price from $12.95/month to $2.49/month. Additionally, you get 2 months free on the purchase and a 30-day money-back guarantee!
  3. NordVPN: This is the safest and most secure VPN out there. You can easily access 5000+ global servers, including but not limited to 1970+ location servers in the US. As for the subscription, you can get a 55% off on its 2–year plan. Or a 39% off on its 1-year plan for a short-term commitment. In addition, it will reduce the price to only $3.69 per month and $4.99 per month, respectively. Plus, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Best VPNs to Stream Hulu on Android [Detailed in 2022]

There are many VPNs on the market, but not all of them will work with Hulu. We’ve tested dozens of VPNs but recommend only a few. These 3 best Hulu VPNs will let you bypass the geo-restrictions smoothly.

Can I Access Hulu on Android with a free VPN?

Free VPNs can never provide you with the quality connection that must be needed to unblock the restrictions of Hulu on Android.

They are very poor in quality. Therefore, you will face buffering slow internet connection after some time their servers get disconnected. Most of their servers are already blacklisted on streaming sites like Hulu because Hulu has the strongest IP tracking system. Once it detects you are using a free VPN, it will block your IP address.

How to Sign up For Hulu on Android Device?

You’ll need to sign up for a subscription if you want to watch Hulu on your Android device. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Hulu’s official site and click the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Enter your email address and create a password.
  3. Select your preferred plan and enter your payment information.
  4. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, download the Hulu app from the Google Play Store.
  5. Open the app and sign in with your new account credentials.
  6. Start streaming your favorite shows and movies on Hulu.

How to Watch Hulu on Android TV?

Want to watch Hulu on your Android TV? It’s easy! Just follow the steps below:

  1. First, subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to a US server.
  2. Then sign up for Hulu and create a new account.
  3. Next, open the Google Play Store on your Android TV and download the Hulu application. You can find it easily by using the search bar.
  4. Once installed, locate Hulu on your Android TV’s home screen.
  5. Open the application and sign in using your credentials.
  6. And that’s it! You’re ready to enjoy watching Hulu TV shows and movies on your Android TV.

How to Watch Hulu Live TV on Android?

Hulu Live TV is natively available on Android TV (4.4+). You might also be able to use Google Cast to stream to your Android TV.

  1. Sign up for Hulu Live TV.
  2. After you’ve signed up, go to your Android TV’s home screen.
  3. Go to the app store on your Android TV and search for “Hulu Live TV.” 
  4. To install the app, click “Download.”
  5. Log in with your Hulu Live TV credentials once the app has been installed.
  6. Hulu Live TV is now available on Android TV.

If you don’t want to download the Hulu Live TV app, you can use Chromecast to broadcast Hulu Live TV content to your Android TV.

First, open the Hulu Live TV app on your phone or tablet and choose the show or movie you want to watch. Then, select your Android TV from the “Cast” option from the list of devices. After that, your Hulu Live TV material should begin to play.

Hulu Subscription Cost on Android Devices

Hulu offers a variety of subscription plans to choose from, each with its own set of benefits. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from each plan:

Hulu (With Ads) – $6.99 per month

  • Free trial available for 30 days.
  • 6 users can access a single account at the same time.
  • You can stream all the original US content but with ads.

Hulu (Without Ads) – $12.99 per month

  • Free trial available for 30 days.
  • 6 users can access a single account at the same time.
  • You can stream all the original Hulu content without ads.

Hulu + Live TV – $69.99 per month

  • You can access Hulu’s Live TV, which has 65+ channels.
  • Free trial available for 7 days.
  • 6 users can access a single account at the same time.
  • Additional content of Disney Plus and ESPN.
  • You will have to bear ads on this Hulu LIVE subscription.

Hulu (Without Ads) + Live TV – $75.99 per month

  • You can access Hulu’s Live TV, which has 65+ channels.
  • 6 users can access a single account at the same time.
  • Additional content of Disney Plus and ESPN.
  • Stream anything on the Hulu library LIVE and without ads!

How to Cancel a Hulu Subscription?

Cancel a Hulu Subscription is not so difficult. Just go through these steps to cancel it anytime: 

  • Open the Hulu app on our device.
  • In the bottom navigation bar, tap Profile.
  • Go to “Account”.
  • Re-enter your password if necessary.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Cancel Your Subscription, then tap Cancel.
  • To cancel, tap Continue.
  • After you’ve completed the quick questionnaire, tap Continue to Cancel.

How to Fix Hulu Errors on Android Device [Detailed]

You may encounter certain issues when accessing Hulu on your Android device. Hulu isn’t free from issues. Let’s look at what you can do if Hulu isn’t for you. These are minor concerns that can be resolved by using the following solutions:

Update the App

If Hulu is not supporting your Android device, it might be possible that your application is outdated. So first, ensure that both Hulu and your VPN software are up to date. If they aren’t, update them and then try streaming Hulu again.

Modify the Server

The server to which you’re connected may have gone down. Linking to other suitable servers may assist you in resolving the issue.

Disconnect and Reconnect VPN

Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu and VPN apps and try watching Hulu again if nothing else works.

Reinstall both the Apps

Hulu has packages that are with ads and without ads.

Best Hulu Shows and Movies to Watch on Android 

There is so much content available on Hulu that you can watch:

Best Hulu Shows to Watch on Android

Below is the list of best Hulu shows to watch on Android: 

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-2021)
  • ​​American Horror Story (2011-present)
  • Hannibal (2013-2015)
  • The Mindy Project (2012-2017)
  • Nathan for You (2013-2017)
  • Veronica Mars (2004-2019)
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral (2019)
  • Superstore (2015-2021)
  • Only Murders in the Building (2021-present)
  • One Tree Hill (2003-2012)
  • 30 Rock (2006-2013)

Best Hulu Movies to Watch on Android

The following are the best Hulu movies to watch on Android: 

  • Jacinta (2020)
  • Summer of Soul (2021)
  • Changing the Game (2019)
  • The Biggest Little Farm (2018)
  • Parasite (2019)
  • Minding the Gap (2018)
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)
  • Booksmart (2019)
  • Fire Island (2022)
  • The last tourists (2022) 
  • Deep water (2022

FAQs Hulu on Android

Is Hulu blocked outside US?

Yes, Hulu is blocked outside US. However, you can access its content from anywhere in the world with the help of a quality VPN. We recommend you ExpressVPN.

How does Hulu know your location?

Hulu’s algorithms are incredibly clever. It uses your IP address to determine your location. Then, it provides you with content that is available in your region. For example, suppose you are accessing Hulu from the United States.

In that case, you will only be able to see available content in the United States. But if you’re using it outside the US, it will track your IP address, and you will instantly get blocked.

How much does a Hulu subscription cost?

4 packages of Hulu are listed below:

1. Hulu Basic – $5.99/month.
2. Hulu (No Ads) – $11.99/month.
3. Hulu + Live TV – $64.99/month.
4. Hulu + Live TV (No ads) – $70.99/month.

Why I can’t download Hulu on an Android device?

It’s possible that Hulu isn’t available in your location. Therefore, you won’t be able to obtain it on your Android device. Additionally, Hulu is exclusively available in the United States, so those outside the country cannot view it. However, you may watch Hulu on your Android device by connecting to one of the best VPNs with US servers, like ExpressVPN.

1. Close the Hulu app and start over again.
2. Delete and reinstall it.
3. Also, clear your cache folder.

Is the Hulu app for Android free?

You can download the Hulu app for free on your Android device, but you’ll need a Hulu membership or sign up for the app to watch the content.

How do I download Hulu on Android?

The Google Play Store is where you can get the Hulu app for your Android smartphone. If Hulu isn’t available in your country, you’ll need to connect to a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, and then use your Android device to access the Hulu app.

Can you watch Hulu on any device?

Yes, luckily! Hulu is available on almost every device; you must download and subscribe to the Hulu app. Suppose you are outside of the US region. In that case, you can still easily access Hulu on any device by connecting to a premium VPN.

Ending Line

We compiled the most up-to-date information and instructions for watching Hulu on an Android device. I hope you liked learning how to watch Hulu on your Android device. Connecting to a premium VPN, such as ExpressVPN, will solve most of your queries. Happy Streaming!

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