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Can you watch ITV Hub outside UK? No, you can not! As it is a geo-blocked site, a premium VPN can be a helping hand to access ITV Hub outside UK.

ITV is an online on-demand service available in the UK only, which is home to ITV on-demand and Live TV.

Here is a solution if you are looking for a way to watch ITV Hub outside UK. A premium VPN will get you through the restrictions. We highly recommend ExpressVPN for you.

How to watch ITV Hub outside UK

3 Simple Steps in 2022

Are you short on time for extensive research? Don’t look further! Here are 3 easy steps to stream ITV Hub outside UK:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN connection and download it. (ExpressVPN is our top choice).
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Select a UK server from the server list and start streaming ITV Hub outside UK.

And there you go! Stream your favorite content on its official website or app.

ExpressVPN – 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

3 Best VPN for watching ITV Hub Outside UK [Quick Guide]

We have selected a few of the best options to match your requirements. Let’s have a look!

  1. ExpressVPN: With over 3000 fastest servers, ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch ITV Hub outside UK. It has 4 highly optimized servers in the UK, such as Docklands, East London, London, and Wembley, with user-friendly apps and high-end encryption. ExpressVPN offers $6.67/month for its Yearly Package with 3 months of free usage.
  2. Surfshark: Can’t you put extra bucks just for a VPN? Then, here is your wallet-friendly option right in front of you! Surfshark  3 highly optimized servers in the UK, and unlimited simultaneous connections. It is available for $2.49/month for its 2-year Package. it allows you to connect unlimited devices, 24/7 customer support, Smart DNS, and a 30-days money-back guarantee.
  3. NordVPN: Look no further for reliability and get your device connected with NordVPN. What we love about NordVPN is that it comes with 5200+ servers with more than 440+ servers in the UK. 6 simultaneous connections, non-stop customer support, smart DNS, and that’s all under an instant 30 days money-back offer.

Why You Need a VPN to Unblock ITV Hub Outside UK

Is ITV Hub available outside UK? No, ITV Hub is not available outside UK. It is a UK-based streaming channel exclusively available in the UK, where it has the right to broadcast its content, but not internationally.

ITV restricts access to its content for customers outside of its broadcast zone (the UK) to protect itself against copyright and licensing issues. To bypass these restrictions, we need a premium VPN.

However, if you try to watch ITV player abroad without a VPN, you’ll get the following restricted error:

Sorry, this video is not available right now.

That’s why we recommend you subscribe to a premium VPN, as it will change your real IP address to the one available in the UK, which will trick ITV and show you are available in the UK.

ExpressVPN is our top-notch recommendation for a safe and secure streaming experience.

3 Best VPNs to Watch ITV Hub Outside UK- Detailed Guide

Here is a detailed guide on the best VPNs to watch ITV Hub Outside UK:

Methodology: Choosing the best VPNs for viewing ITV Hub abroad

Can I get ITV Hub outside UK? Yes, you can get ITV Hub outside UK but only with the help of a premium VPN.

It might be difficult for someone new to VPNs to decide which service is right for them to watch ITV Hub abroad. Choose a reliable and secure VPN to ensure that your data is protected while streaming online.

Below is a checklist that’s sure to help:

  1. Possess the ability to unblock popular streaming services and channels.
  2. It holds many UK servers to unblock global websites and content.
  3. The speed is fast enough to stream high-definition videos without lagging.
  4. It must adhere to a strict no-logs policy and offer strong encryption to protect your data.
  5. If you avail of the subscription for a trial before subscribing, it should provide a money-back guarantee.
  6. Lastly, it offers the best customer support to address any issue.

Free VPNs: Should I use one to access ITV Hub Outside UK?

Free VPNs seem attractive. We understand. But it is only appealing when you are least interested in protecting your online identity and private data.

Free VPNs do not protect your privacy and keep your personal information in their database for later sale; they lag a lot, viewers cannot stream anything without buffering, and they are easily trackable. The choice is yours! Would you rather spend a few bucks on a premium VPN and stay safe or use a free VPN with high risks?

We highly recommend ExpressVPN as it provides complete anonymity and a safe streaming experience.

How to subscribe ITV Outside UK? (In-Depth Guide)

Are you looking for ways to subscribe to ITV outside UK? Here are a to handful of easy steps for you:

Step #1: Find the Best-Working VPN to Unblock ITV Hub

Can I Watch ITV Hub Outside UK? Yes, you can watch ITV Hub outside UK with various VPNs, but only a few offer the best media streaming experience. With that mentioned, we recommend the best VPN, ExpressVPN.

With ExpressVPN, you can connect to servers in the UK easily. It is also extremely user-friendly, offers apps for many platforms, and has several protocols. Therefore, this VPN fulfills all the relevant requirements.

Step #2: Get Your VPN Subscription

After choosing your preferred VPN provider, follow the below-mentioned steps to get your VPN subscription:

  1. Choose ExpressVPN (that’s what we recommend)
  2. Click ‘Start Your Trial Today‘ by visiting the VPN’s website.
  3. Select your preferred plan, enter your details, and pay for it.
  4. Once you’re done, check your email. You must have gotten the verification from the VPN team.
  5. Now download the app and start unblocking restricted sites easily.

Step #3: Connect to a VPN Server in the UK

Let’s say you have downloaded the VPN app and now want to access ITV Hub outside UK. For that, you’ll need a UK server.

Open the ExpressVPN app and connect to a server in the UK that will change your real IP address to that one in the UK.

Step #5: Unblock & Access ITV Hub From Anywhere

  1. Now that you have enabled your VPN, visit ITV’s official website.
  2. You must first sign up for a new ITV account to watch anything.
  3. Click on “Sign Up Now” and fill out the required fields.
  4. You can choose and play any kind of content on the ITV website going forward.
  5. ITV will be unblocked by ExpressVPN, allowing you to access it anywhere in the world.

How much Does ITV Hub outside UK cost?

Is ITV free? Yes, you can simply download the ITV Hub app, sign up on your iOS or Android device, and access it free.

But, keep in mind that it has commercial interruptions. And if you want to watch it without advertisements, you must subscribe to a paid service.

ITV Hub Subscription Cost/Month

£3.99/month (4.85 USD)

ITV Hub Subscription Cost/Year

£39.99/year (48.60 USD)

However, you can get a 7-day free trial by subscribing and canceling it in the middle of the month. Your subscription will be active till the month ends.

ITV Hub Not Working with a VPN? (Troubleshooting Steps)

Is your ITV Hub not working with a VPN? Not to worry! We have already got your back by mentioning the appropriate steps that you can follow:

Step #1: Use a Different UK-Based VPN Server

Most likely, your VPN has a variety of servers in the UK. However, most users often use their VPN’s interface to connect to the first server they see. As a result, the first few servers you see could be overloaded, affecting performance.

That’s why you should try connecting to a different server.

Step #2: Use a Different VPN Protocol

By default, VPNs often use an extremely secure VPN protocol. They’ll send your data the safest way possible because protecting your privacy is their top priority. Picking a different VPN protocol is always good, especially when streaming.

We would suggest WireGuard and OpenVPN for use. Those two can easily get over ITV’s geo-blocks. However, especially with OpenVPN, they could make you move more slowly.

Step #3: Clear Your Device’s Cache and Cookies

Your device may hold cache data from ITV’s website or app if you have previously accessed ITV Hub from outside UK. Therefore, even if you use a VPN, the cached data on ITV’s website or app will always indicate your real location. But there is a solution: clear the caches and cookies on your device.

Step #4: Use an Obfuscated Server

In countries with strict digital censorship, bypassing geo-blocks may be more challenging. Because of this, several VPNs offer servers that are hidden. As a result, your data is divided into little pieces, making it much simpler to unblock the ITV website and apps. We highly advise ExpressVPN as it uses obfuscated servers.

Step #5: Contact Your VPN

If nothing else works, you must use your VPN service. You should contact its customer service agents through live chat and email.

What’s the Difference Between ITV Hub & ITV Hub+?

ITV Hub is a streaming service for media that offers movies and TV series created for or broadcast on ITV. It is accessible without a fee, but registration is a must.

ITV Hub+ gives you access to more ITV content without ads. In addition, to live TV, ITV Hub+ lets you download shows to watch offline.

Devices compatible with the ITV Hub

The following devices are compatible with the ITV Hub, and we have also mentioned the steps for you to download the ITV Hub on each of the compatible devices

For Android users

Here is how you can download the ITV Hub app on your Android device:

1. Open the ExpressVPN app on your Android device.
2. Connect to a UK server.
3. Sign up and log in to a new Google account.
4. Look for the ITV app in the Play Store.
5. Download it and sign up for a free account.
6. Congratulations, ITV is now available on your Android device.

For iOS Users

Here is how iOS users can download the ITV Hub app to their iOS device:

1. Change your Apple ID region to the United Kingdom in Settings > Network.
2. Open ExpressVPN on your iOS device.
3. Connect to the UK server.
4. Search for ITV in the Apple App Store.
5. Install the app and log in to your account using your credentials
6. Start streaming your favorite shows now.

For Roku Users

Roku users can follow the following steps:

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect it to your Wi-Fi router.
2. Then connect it with the server in the UK.
3. Now connect your Roku stick through the HDMI port to your smart TV.
4. Turn on your device and select ITV Hub from the Roku home screen.

For PS3/PS4 Users

Below are the steps for PS3/PS4 users:

1. Subscribe to a premium VPN; ExpressVPN is our top choice.
2. Then, you should connect to a UK server.
3. Go to the TV/Video Services category first.
4. Then, check for “ITV” in the list of options available.
5. Click “Get.”
6. Then, include ITV in your list of “My Channels.”

For Xbox Users

Xbox users! Here are the steps for you too:
1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
2. Connect to the UK server.
3. Choose “My games & apps” from the Xbox menu.
4. Next, look for “ITV” in the “Xbox Store.”
5. I’m done now! Select “Install” from the menu.
6. Then, include ITV in your list of “My Channels.”

For Kodi Users

Here is how you can download the ITV Hub app on your Kodi device:

1. First, install an ITV-compatible VPN on your device. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
2. Connect your VPN to your Kodi device.
3. Put the USB stick into your Kodi device after downloading the VPN application on your computer.
4. Navigate to Settings, System Settings, and Add-ons on your Kodi device.
5 . Turn on Unknown Sources immediately.
6. On your Kodi device, install the VPN app. After that, connect to a UK server.
7. By turning on your TV, access Kodi’s home screen.
8. Finally, set up Kodi with the ITV add-on to begin watching.

For Firestick Users

Firestick users won’t lack behind. Here are the easy steps for you:

1. Start your FireStick.
2. Download ExpressVPN, connect to the UK server, and switch to untrusted sources.
3. ITV is entered, then enter is pressed.
4. The search results will show the “ITV app for Fire TV Stick.”
5. If you click “Get,” the app will be downloaded.
6. Open the ITV Hub app after installation.
7. Open the ITV app and log in using your credentials.
8. ITV is now available on Firestick outside the UK.

For Apple TV Users

Here is how Apple TV users can download the ITV Hub app to their device:

1.Next, select a VPN provider that supports Smart DNS. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
2. Go to your Apple TV’s Settings menu, choose the network from the bottom of the page, and then locate your Smart DNS addresses.
3. Then, press the Wi-Fi to select your network.
4. Next, select Manual Configuration under DNS Configuration.
5. You can connect your Apple TV to a UK server by entering your DNS address and restarting it.
6. Install the ITV app on your Apple TV after downloading it.

For Smart TV Users

Here are the simple steps for Smart TV users:

1. Install a top-notch VPN after downloading it. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
2. Connect to a server in the UK.
3. Enter the admin section of your Wi-Fi router.
4. Connect it to your VPN system.
5. Create a free account with the ITV Hub app on your smart TV to binge-watch your favorite content.

For PC Users

PC users can follow the following steps to download ITV Hub:

1. First, install and download a high-quality VPN on your computer. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
2. Connect to a server in the UK.
3. Visit the ITV website, create an account, and log in.
4. Before logging in, clear your cookies and cache if you still have difficulties viewing ITV.

Channel List to watch ITV Hub Outside UK

  • ITV
  • ITV2
  • ITV3
  • ITV4
  • ITVBe
  • CITV

Content that ITV Hub supports?

Are you traveling abroad or enjoying a vacation and looking for some content to watch on ITV Hub outside UK? Here is the popular content that ITV Hub offers its users:

Best Shows

  • Emmerdale
  • Tripping Point
  • The Best of Men (4th August)
  • Made in Chelsea S22 (4th August)
  • Marcella
  • Piers Morgan’s Life Stories
  • King of Thieves (18th August)
  • Baptiste S2 (25th August)
  • Kidnapped By My Father (25th August)
  • The Wind that Shakes the Barley (11th August)
  • Family Guy

Best Movies

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once.
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  • The Batman.
  • The Gray Man.
  • Top Gun.
  • Great Art
  • McDonald & Dodds
  • 13 Assassins
  • A Late Quartet

What other regions can I watch ITV Hub Outside UK with a VPN?

ITV Hub is a streaming platform that provides its users with amazing content. Still, unfortunately, it is available only in UK. but, you can bypass these restrictions by connecting to a premium VPN, such as ExpressVPN, and can watch ITV in any geo-restricted region:

FAQs on ITV Hub Outside UK

Does ITV Hub work outside UK?

No, ITV doesn’t work outside the UK, but you can make it work by subscribing to a premium VPN with UK servers, and ExpressVPN has the most trusted servers to access blocked sites.

How can I watch ITV outside UK for free?

To watch ITV Hub Outside UK, you must first connect to the UK server via a premium VPN provider. Then, visit the ITV Hub’s website, sign up for ITV HUB, and take advantage of the 7-day free trial once you are connected to a UK server. After signing up for the free trial, you can access your preferred content outside the UK.

Where else can I watch ITV Hub with a VPN?

You can watch ITV Hub anywhere outside UK with the help of a premium VPN, such as ExpressVPN, as it helps to unblock geo-restrictions smoothly.

Can I download the ITV Hub app outside the UK?

Yes! You can, once you are connected to a premium VPN, like ExpressVPN.

What Is ITV Hub?

ITV Hub is a streaming service for media that offers movies and TV series created for or broadcast on ITV. It is accessible without a fee, but registration is a must.

What Is ITV Hub+?

With ITV Hub+, you can access more ITV content without ads. ITV Hub+ also lets you watch live TV, download shows for offline viewing, and more.

Can you get ITV Hub outside UK?

Yes, you can get ITV Hub outside UK by subscribing to a reliable VPN, that ensures the encrypted connection with security and privacy for that ExpressVPN is our top choice.

Does ITV Block VPNs?

ITV does block VPNs, though not all of them, as it has advanced technology to detect what’s suspicious. So to access ITV Hub from another country, you must use a reliable VPN with excellent website-unblocking abilities.

Our research shows ExpressVPN is the top-notch VPN provider with 100% security guaranteed.

Can I Watch ITV on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you may use premium Prime channels like ITV Hub+ to watch ITV on Amazon Prime in various countries by paying some extra bucks.

Where to watch Love Island?

You can watch Love Island on ITV2 and ITV Hub.


Ultimately, I want to remind you that ITV Hub is a restricted platform due to government-imposed laws. So, if you want to watch ITV Hub outside UK, you can easily access it by connecting to a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN.

Nerd + Geek, yes, I am Christine, a huge fan of all streaming sites! What makes it impossible to stream international content anywhere? That's the copyright restrictions. But here, I will share tactics that I have been using to access my favourite content from anywhere. Stay tuned for the best streaming solutions.