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Can you watch Kayo in USA? Yes, you can watch Kayo Sports in USA by getting a premium VPN that has servers from Australia. We recommend ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Kayo Sports in USA

3 Easy Steps in 2022

By following these 3 simple steps, you can easily get access to Kayo sports in USA:

  1. Subscribe To ExpressVPN & Install Its Application.
  2.  Login And Connect with The Australian Server.
  3.  Download Kayo Sports App & Kickstart Streaming in Australia.

ExpressVPN – $6.67/mo for 1-Year + 3-Months

Why Do You Need a VPN to Unblock Kayo Sports in USA?

Do I need a VPN to unblock Kayo Sports in USA? Yes, this is because Kayo Sports is geo-restricted in USA!

If you try to access the site in USA, the following notification will pop up right on your screen.

“Sorry, Kayo Sports is only available for sports fans within Australia.’

Kayo Sports Error
Kayo Sports Streaming Error

Just like many streaming sites, Kayo Sports is also geo-restricted. Hence, it requires you to install a premium quality VPN to bypass its restriction on site.

How does a VPN connection grant you access through the platform?

When you connect your server with an Australian server, it becomes difficult for the IP tracking system to detect your location.

So the VPN masks your IP and hides its locations to ensure you secure and fast access while living in USA.

[Quick Overview] 3 Best VPNs for Watching Kayo Sports in USA 2022

  1. ExpressVPN: is undoubtedly the fast-paced VPN that ensures smooth and buffer-free streaming. You can access 3000+ global servers, including 5 location servers in Australia. Moreover, it allows you to save up to 49% on its 1-year plan and stream any show you want. This way, you will only have to pay $6.67/month.
  2. Surfshark: If you are looking for a budget-friendly streaming site, then Surfshark can prove to be your pocket-friendly option here. With access to 3200+ global servers and 6 location servers in Australia, you can access Australian streaming sites anytime. Moreover, an 82% discount is available on its 2-year plan so the cost will only be $2.30/month.
  3. NordVPN: is a reliable VPN for secure streaming. You can access 5200+ global servers and 172 location servers in Australia; you can access Kayo Sports precisely with this huge number of servers. In addition, you can save 70% off on its 2-year plan making the monthly rate $3.49.

What is Kayo Sports?

Kayo Sports is a sports streaming Network based in Australia, owned by Streamotion.

It offers live Streaming of so many channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, beIN Sports, and So you can easily watch your favorite championships and leagues like UFC, NFL, AFL, La Liga.

This channel has more than 1 million subscribers and is operated by Foxtel. It is also known as the ‘Netflix of Sports.’

So, you will not miss any of your favorite sports even if you are not in Australia.

Best VPN to Watch Kayo Sports in USA [Tested Sept 2022]

Kayo sports is not accessible in USA; however, you can stream on Kayo sport if you have subscribed to a premium quality VPN subscription. Hence, we have listed 3 best VPNs that will help you unblock Kayo sports in USA. So, go through the list of VPNs and subscribe to the one that goes best with your device.

Why I Can’t Access Kayo Sports In USA?

These streaming sites have a very strong IP tracking system and also, they use geo-blocking technologies that will immediately block the IP address that is coming from any restricted area.

You need a VPN connection to use these sites because they have license issues.

But if you use any premium quality VPN like Expressvpn, it will change your IP address, and you will never miss any of your favorite sports.

Can I use a Free VPN to watch Kayo Sports In USA?

Free VPNs that are easily available on the Google App store are unsafe. So if you are using those free VPNs, you are risking your data.

They lie about all their privacy policies; they will sell your personal or private data to third parties.

If you want to use the streaming sites like Kayo Sports, I suggest you use premium VPN connections already mentioned in this article.

How Do I Subscribe to Kayo Sports in US?

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Sign in with your identifications and connect with an Australian server.
  •  Go to the Kayo Sports website. Click on “Sign in” Select the subscription plan.
  •  Fill in all the information and submit.
  • You are all set to use a Kayo account.

How to Create a Kayo Sports Account?

  • Use a reliable web browser and open the Kayo homepage;
  • Select your Subscription package (Basic & premium).
  • Complete the Signup Process.
  • Add your Payment details.
  • Download the Kayo App and Log-in with your credentials.
  •  Now you can enjoy the streaming on Kayo Sports.

How much does Kayo Sports Cost?

There are two options available in kayo sports subscription:

  • Basic: it costs 25$ per month
  • Premium: it costs 35$ per month

The difference between both packages is that you can use Kayo sports on 3 devices simultaneously, and on the basic package, you can use it on only 2 devices; in both packages 14 days trial option is available.

Kayo Sports Device Compatibility

Kayo Sports For Android users

Watch Kayo sports on Android by following these steps

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download its application.
2. Log in with your credentials.
3. Connect with the Australian server.
4. Install Kayo Sports app from Play Store.
5. Sign up to create an account.
6. You can now stream your favorites.

Kayo Sports For iOS Users

Follow these steps to get Kayo sports on your iPhone/iPad:

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN’s plan and install its application.
2. Login and connect to an Australian server.
3. Now download the Kayo Sports app from the Apple store.
4. Create a new account.
5. Start streaming whenever you want.

Kayo Sports For Roku Users

By following these steps you can get Kayo sports on Roku:

1. Download the ExpressVPN setup on your PC.
2. Transfer the setup to Roku.
3. Go to the Roku Channel Store.
4. Search for Kayo Sports and download it.
5. In the channel list, open Kayo Sports.
6. You can now stream all the popular shows.

Kayo Sports For PlayStation Users

These are steps to access Kayo sports on PlayStation:

1. Set up your console.
2. Download ExpressVPN.
3. Log in to connect with the Australian server.
4. Find “TV/Video Services” on the PlayStation.
5. Search for DStv and click on “Get.”
6. Your channels list has a new addition.
7. You can now stream from the Kayo Sports library.

Kayo Sports For Xbox Users

You can get Kayo sports on Xbox by following these steps:

1. Set up and open your Xbox.
2. Download ExpressVPN.
3. Log in to connect with the Australian server.
4. Go to My games and apps > Xbox Store.
5. Do a quick search for Kayo Sports.
6. Download the application.
7. You are all set to play your favorites.

Kayo Sports For Kodi Users

Follow these steps to get Kayo Sports on Kodi:

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and get the software on your computer.
2. With the help of a USB, transfer the VPN software to Kodi.
3. Go to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Unknown Sources.
4. Install ExpressVPN through the software.
5. Set up Kodi.
6. In the Add-ons, search for Kayo Sports to download it.
7. You are all set to start streaming.

Kayo Sports For Firestick Users

Here are some steps to get Kayo Sports on Firestick:

1. Open your Firestick device.
2. Go to Apps > Categories > Utility.
3. Find ExpressVPN and click on the “Get” option.
4. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
5. Log in to connect with the Australian server.
6. Visit the Amazon App store and search for Kayo Sports.
7. Click on “Get” to start the download.
8. The media library is now available.

Kayo Sports For Apple TV Users

When it comes to Apple TV, you will need to install MediaStreamer DNS for ExpressVPN. This is because Apple TV won’t support connection directly.

1. Go to the Apple App Store.
2. Download Kayo Sports.
3. Sign in and start streaming!

Kayo Sports For Smart TV Users

Here are some steps to get Hulu on Smart TV:

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
2. Login and connect with any Australian server.
3. Download the Kayo Sports application.
4. Stream whatever you want!

Kayo Sports For Mac Users

Get Kayo Sports on your Mac device by following these steps:

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and install its application.
2. Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Network.
3. Click on the three-dotted action menu and choose Import Configurations.
4. Login and connect with the Australian server.
5. Select ExpressVPN, then click Import.
6. Open Safari and then go to Kayo Sports.
7. Create an account to start streaming.

Kayo Sports For Windows Users

Follow these steps to get Kayo sports on Windows:

1. Download the ExpressVPN setup.
2. Go to Settings > Network and Internet > VPN.
3. Click on ExpressVPN and connect with the Australian server.
4. Go to the PC browser and head to Kayo Sport’s website.
5. Sign up and set up your account.
6. You’re all set up for the streaming.

Kayo Sports For Chromecast Users

Here are some easy steps to get Kayo sports on Chromecast:

1. Set up ExpressVPN on your phone.
2. Open Kayo application.
3. Search for the cast option on your phone.
4. Pair it up with the screen.
5. Voila, now you can stream Kayo Sports.

How to Watch Kayo Sports in Different Countries?

Kayo sports is not easily available in any country because it is geographically restricted; it can only work in Australia.

But now, it is not impossible to use it in other regions of the world because of VPN connections; Download ExpressVPN on your devices, and you are all set to watch Kayo Sports.

What You Can Watch on Kayo Sports?

If you are passionate about sports, you will be thrilled to know what you will find on this streaming site. Here are some very interesting and famous sports events:

  • AFL
  • NRL
  • NFL
  • NBL
  • SuperCars
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Rugby Union
  • Surfing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Boxing
  • WNBL
  • UFC
  • Rhythmic World Championships
  • Hurling
  • Super League Triathlon

Live Channel Available on Kayo Sports

This is the list of live channels you can find on kayo sports:

  • FOX 501
  • ESPN
  • FOX 502
  • FOX 504
  • ESPN 2
  • FOX SPORTS 503
  • FOX SPORTS 505
  • FOX SPORTS 506
  • FOX SPORTS More +

In Which Country Kayo Sports is Available?

Kayo Sports is only available in Australia because it is geo-restricted, but guess what you can watch any of your favorite sports from kayo sports through VPN.

Get yourself a Premium VPN, and you can access this streaming site without any restrictions.

How to Watch IPL on Kayo Sports Content

If you are an IPL fan and you want to stream it live on Kayo sports but you couldn’t find any of the live streaming sites, then we have a solution for you.

  • First, Download a premium quality VPN; we suggest ExpressVPN.
  • Subscribe and Log-in, and connect to Kayo sports through VPN.
  • Now you can watch your favorite IPL series streaming live through Kayo Sports.

FAQs on Kayo Sports in USA

Is Kayo Sports available in USA?

Kayo Sports is geographically Restricted; it is only available in Australia; however, you can stream your favorite sports on Kayo Sports in USA through a premium VPN.

Does Kayo Work in USA?

Yes, Kayo Sports works in USA, but with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, get yourself a VPN, and you can watch Kayo in any region.

Can I watch Kayo Sports in US for free?

All these free VPNs are very unsafe, and their authenticity is questionable. While using these, your data is not secure; try to use very safe and secure premium VPNs like ExpressVPN.

Kayo Sports something went wrong, what to do?

Maybe these are the few reasons why is it happening; try to use these techniques to fix this:

1. Use a compatible device on which you are using Kayo Sports.
2. Reinstall the application after deleting it.
3. Keep your App updated for bug fixes.
4. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
5. Sign out of your account and start the browser/app again.
6. If it doesn’t work, then contact customer support.

How to fix Kayo Sports buffering issue?

Usually, it happens when there is too much traffic on the server. Try to use a fast and premium VPN like ExpressVPN for a bufferless streaming experience and check your internet connection to see any problem.

1. You can switch to another Channel.
2. You may change the device.
3. Change your Internet Connection.
4. Restart your Router.
5. Try using a different stream.
6. Check the availability of your network connection.

Do I Need an Australian Payment Method for Kayo Sports in USA?

No, Kayo sports allows the option of international debit card payment, but you will need an Australian number to get a confirmation code.

Can You Watch NRL and EPL on Kayo Sports?

Yes, you can watch NRL and EPL on Kayo Sports. If the platform is geo-blocked in your region, you can still access NRL and EPL on Kayo Sports with a premium VPN connection.

What is the difference between basic and premium Kayo?

The only difference between these two are:

1. In the basic package, you can use kayo sports on two devices at the same time
2. In the premium package, you can use it on three devices.

However, a 14 days trial period is offered in both of these packages.

Can you get Kayo Sports in USA?

No, you cannot get Kayo Sports in USA. You can only get Kayo Sports in USA if you use a VPN. Our top choice is ExpressVPN.

How to Watch NRL and EPL on Kayo Sports?

To watch NRL and EPL on Kayo Sports, follow these quick and easy steps:

1. Subscribe to any of your preferred VPN services.
2. Connect with its server in Australia.
3. Sign in to kayo Sports and Enjoy watching your favorite sports, whether NRL or EPL.


Kayo sports is an amazing streaming channel for all sports lovers, and you can find all the leagues, matches, and series on Kayo sports. But just because of its geo-restriction policy, you cannot get access without the VPN. Now we have finally got you a solution on how to watch Kayo Sports in USA.

If there is any query then feel free to connect with us via the comment section.


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